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Peer-Based Student Leadership
Workshop Host

Supply List

General Materials
  • Note taking materials.  Pens, Pencils, and small legal pads are ideal.
  • Legible name tags for each participant and staff members.
Audio / Visual (MAC via HDMI)
  • Projection system that will support visual presentation with audio via HDMI connection.
  • Ipads and similar device are acceptable for notetaking.
Room Arrangement
  • Tables situated for 6 to 8 individuals at each table – OR – auditorium type seating.  Table setting is preferred.
  • If tables are utilized, please have them situated so that no person has their back to the projection system, the facilitator, or the front of the room.
Email Addresses
  • Email address for all participants for access to online materials.  If possible, please provide before the event.
  • We strongly encourage that water, snack type items etc. be provided for participants.
  • We build in 90 minutes for ‘off-site’ lunch.  Should you choose to have lunch ‘on-site’ that time frame is reduced and the workshop will end according to the adjustment.
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